Our Virtual Readmission Shield
Advanced, Customized Tools and Processes to Create Savings

Crucial Care Without Walls understands healthcare and technology. We are dedicated to improving health care through innovative solutions that meet the needs of health care providers, payers, and consumers.

We accomplish this mission by leveraging a proprietary care coordination engine "Pathfinder" with best-in-class, technology-enabled services providing real-time home based risk assessments delivered by Emergency Physician Led patient care management teams.

Readmission Shield Assets
Proprietary Resources to Maximize Value
Emergency Medicine Doctors
Physician Led Care Teams

Trained in the Crucial Care culture of saved admissions, with validated savings over nine years using proprietary treatment algorithms.

Crucial Care Team
Our Proprietary Software
Readmission Risk Assessment Toolset
Real-Time Patient Facing Risk Assessment

Crucial Care Without Walls clinicians lever a proprietary tool set allowing for efficient coordinated care with reduced readmission rates serving as key success measures. Real time In-Home patient interactions provide data metrics which populate the CCWOW risk assessment tool. This In-home real time assessment accurately predicts highly reliable readmission probability over a 30 day period. The assessment is then validated by an Emergency trained physician and serves as the epicenter of ongoing directional care between the patient, readmission care team, and all other healthcare organizations involved in the patients post acute environment.

Care Coordination Engine

Pathfinder is a database solution that automates downstream care coordination. Pathfinder uses algorithms to evaluate key information to get patients to the right providers for their unique situation. This efficient downstream care coordination engine provides value by navigating patients to the most quality efficient solution.

Our Proprietary Software, Pathfinder
Virtual Readmission Shield report
Dashboard level patient care reporting
Crucial Care Virtual Readmission Shield Report

Our unique Patient Readmission report provides dashboard level reporting related to a patient’s outcome as well as the different Physician and Provider services within their specific network. This type of patient related network reporting allows for improved alignment which fosters greater patient care quality measures.