Crucial Care Without Walls

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Crucial Care At Home
Value Creation Through True In-Home ER Diversion™
Crucial Care Without Walls is a unique In-Home provider model that leverages an Emergency Physician led clinical team to bridge the transition from hospital to home and prevent avoidable readmissions.
The Crucial Care Difference
How we create exceptional outcomes
Experience CrucialCare Results
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  • Value Based Model Fair for Patients and Payers
  • True In Home ER Diversion™ Resulting in Reduced Admissions which reduces healthcare costs
  • Supports continuity and coordination of care
  • Combine Access, Convenience, High Capabilities, and Value
  • PCP continuously updated and engaged
  • 9 Years Actuarially Validated savings
  • Care Validation
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A Crucial Care Without Walls caretaker helps a patient.
The Care Delivery and Intervention
  • Emergency Medical Physician (EMD) Led Care Teams
  • Real-Time access to Prescriptions
  • 24 Hour Physician Escalation via Crucial Care Connect Device
  • Emergency Medicine Clinical Protocols
  • Network Specific "Real-Time" Care Coordination Platform (Pathfinder™)
  • Intel / GE Remote Clinical Monitoring & Feedback loop
  • Telephonic Care Managment
  • In-Home patient visits
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The Risk Assessment
Without Walls RASP Screenshots
  • Physician led patient engagement
  • Unique Care Plan and treatment schedule developed for each patient
  • Proprietary Real-Time In-Home Risk Stratification Process
  • Data aggregation
  • Medical Reconciliation
  • Rapidly Deployed
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